Meet: DJ Bella Don SSF 2014 Featured DJ

DJ Bella Don

DJ Bella don – SSF 2014 Featured DJ

Miami based 80s baby DJ Belladon got her beginnings and influence somewhere between having a reggae DJ father & growing up in a culture of booty music. She’s one to mix up Electronic Dance Music with Dancehall, Trap with Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Soul, & styles you may have never heard before but would love more of. She’s familiar with curious party people wandering off from neighboring clubs to hear what she’s up to.  Or the whole crowd suddenly getting quiet to hear the next song she’s mixing in only to explode with excitement, the moment she drops it in. Belladon is often described as a DJ’s DJ as she lends an air of innovation & artistry to any crowd she plays for.  This has included private fashion Industry parties, penthouse parties, and clubs like Tempo in Downtown Hollywood, Mekka in Downtown Miami, clubs in South Beach Miami, Ocho Rios & Kingston Jamaica, & Brooklyn New York.

DJ_Bella Don

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