Do you know Kim Possible?


Do you know Kim Possible?
Stream of consciousness By Rock Wilk

Do you know Kim Possible? She is a real life superhero. No, I’m saying like, FOR  REAL, she is a hero. First of all, one of the most supportive people you will ever meet  as an artist, she is always showing up at events in and around New York City to support  performers and organizations, and for me personally, every time I see that big beautiful  smile in the audience, it makes me feel so goooooood, but the reason I am bringing her  to your attention is more about the work she does far away from New York, the work  she does in countries that have a great need for people like Kim. She has traveled all  over the world, teaching kids how to read, empowering youth of all different cultures to  provide them with the tools they need to have a good life, to be able to progress, to  enable young people to develop in ways where they will be able to contribute to the  greater good for all of us, and she does this in places where that is pretty challenging for  these kids, to say the least. Kim Possible is always leaving town to go help somebody do something, that’s the best  way I can describe her, and her name is so perfect for what she represents to me,  because for me, she makes me feel like all things are Possible. See how I did that? A  beautiful soul with a powerful, empathetic spirit, learn about who Kim Possible is at the  following pages on Facebook, and you will be learning about someone very important to  the development of young people all over the world. Which is exactly what the whole  world needs.

Currently Kim “Impossible” Andino works at The Women Worldwide Initiative and serves on the board for Better Future International




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