Event Submission Guidelines

Event Submission Guidelines

Please Read the Guidelines Carefully
Event entries in improper format may be rejected.

  1. All text must be submitted in .doc format
  2. Include a descriptive subject/headline.
  3. Do not put any punctuation in the subject line.
  4. Include good descriptive text. Most of our traffic is search-based.
  5. Do not use ALL-CAPS. Listings sent with any all-caps will be rejected.
  6. Do not include directions to your venue.
  7. Do not include repetitive information.
  8. No unusual characters or formatting are allowed.
  9. Do not use excessive punctuation, such as !!!! or ????.
  10. It is suggested to include a JPG image to spice up the listing.
  11. Images should be under 1 MB in size and less than 1200 pixels per side.
  12. Do not send PDFs.
  13. Submit your event as early as possible. The longer it is up, the more views it gets.

All original blog entries must have a minimum of 2 JPG images.
Images should be under 1 MB in size and less than 1200 pixels per side.
Include any photo credit if needed

Any original video must be less than 3:30 and saved in mp4 or wav format
Delivery for original blog videos must be sent either DROPBOX invite or Hightail
to spokensoulfestival@gmail.com. Please write Blog Submission on subject line
Outside video please include embed link and at least 100 words introducing the video.

Listings sent in improper format may be rejected.
All submissions are reviewed before publication.
Submissions are usually published within 24 hours, but may take a few days.

For any other inquiries, please click here to contact us.

Send Your Event

Use this form to submit your event. Please be sure to follow all the guidelines on event submission. Events with improper formatting may be rejected. Please check to see if your event has already been listed before submitting. PLEASE CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON ONLY ONCE.

Fields marked with a * are required.

your name

Alphanumeric characters only. Do NOT use any punctuation or symbols, including " ? / # $ & % @ * = + ! ' or any others. Keep Titles descriptive, but short. Do not put the date here.

> Use the format M/D/YY. Do not use a leading 0 (zero). Example: For September 7, 2013, type 9/7/13. For November 15, 2013, type 11/15/13.

Event Start Time

Event End Time

Include a brief description of the event. Make it engaging, but succinct. DO NOT USE ALL-CAPS, it will be automatically rejected. Do not put links here. For further guidelines, see the guidelines link above.


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