Award-Winning Spoken Soul Festival Celebrates 11 Years of Women Arts Activism

SSF 2018 is set to reach an unprecedented level of hype—and that’s saying a lot for an event that has received multiple proclamations from the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County, as well as awards and recognition from the Miami New Times, the WomensArts Foundation, and many other media outlets and organizations across the United States. This year’s festival theme is powerful and a reflection of our world community’s temperament ARTS=HUMANITY

Featured Artists



DJ Slaya

SSF 2018 Featured DJ

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Florida Freedom Writers

SSF 2018 Featured Poets

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Grisell Gajano

SSF 2018 Featured Visual Artist

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Julie Baez

SSF 2018 Featured Comedian

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Marcia Brito. Tire Tracks 001.HR

Marcia Brito

SSF 2018 Featured Visual Artist

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Max Millanova

SSF 2018 Featured FEMcee

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unnamed (1)

Sheena O. Murray

SSF 2018 Featured Vocalist

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LRM_EXPORT_20171210_222503 - Chire Oliver

Chire “VantaBlack” Regans

SSF 2018 Featured Visual Artist

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Venus Rising: Women’s Drum And Dance Ensemble

SSF 2018 Featured Dance Ensemble

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