Founding Members

Founding Members

Eleven Years Ago There Were Seven Women
An Open Letter From
Founder & Executive Director Deborah Magdalena

More than 11 years ago I remember receiving my newsletter from WomenArts and reading about SWAN Day, a day where collectively the world would celebrate women artists. How cool! I thought. Furthermore, and selfishly it would be a great angel to get talented women to help me produce an event where poets, especially me (yes I confess) could benefit from and get great exposure. Boy was I wrong. It instantly became more than that. And I am thankful it did.

At our initial meeting, about 12 lovely ladies with wine, cheese and chocolate in hand gathered at what was at that time the GENArt Miami office on South Beach when it was led by the beautiful Monica Glass. After giggles and introductions the ladies loved my idea and were excited about its possibilities for us all. Due to scheduling conflicts and an already over worked group, only seven had the time and resources to volunteer their time and talents.

SWAN-P7We called ourselves the Poetic Seven; Amy Baez, Jenny Lee Molina, Lynn Bove, Michelle Massanet, Rosa Marcelin, Susan Alvarez and myself. This power team was HOT and on FIRE! Confirmed venue, featured artists selected, invited and confirmed, liquor sponsor, 100 FREE gift bags, press, TV interviews, rehearsals and a proclamation from the City of Miami Beach promised were all checked off our to-do list in less than a month. These dynamic women knew early on that this would become a movement – a sisterhood. And they were all right. As our careers and paths organically grew, as did this wonderful entity we created, at times our paths have crossed or missed each other. Nonetheless, I will always credit these women for our success, for every artist’s success and for lovingly letting me know that SSF was never meant to be about me, but about the women artists of our community!

Since then we have had more sisters join our team like Aimee Novaton, Veronica Barrios-Garcia, Annette Gonzalez Silvera, and Natalie Lewis Schere who volunteer their talents and time to SSF. This makes it more than seven. At times some weren’t available making it less than seven, but that number 7 is very special. We will always be Poetic 7. Whether if one year we are 4, 6, or 9. I am grateful and love my sisters for who they are, what they have done, for the countless yummy dinner parties we have shared, for the accomplishments they continue to conquer and more importantly for their friendship.

Poetic 7 for LIFE baby!

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