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WomenArts_Face_400x400If you are a woman artist you need to know, to TAG, to LIKE, to Follow, to LOVE, to SIGN UP and to SUBSCRIBE to WomenArts

WomenArts is dedicated to increasing the visibility of women artists in all art forms. They put the spotlight on women artists every March through Support Women Artists Now Day, and share news about trailblazing women artists and gender parity activists all year long through the WomenArts Blog.

IMG_8807We have been honored by WomenArt for 9 years in a row as 1 of the top 5 city in the world that celebrates SWAN Day and have been a consistent funder.

The news and resources they offer us women artist is invaluable. Especially the monthly updated funding resources that are available to women artist at a national level and at times internationally available.

Get with the program beautiful one and get with WomenArts!









Here are just a few funding resources

Visit WomenArts for a full list


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