Meet: Jennifer Maria SSF 2014 Featured Visual Artist

Jennifer Maria – SSF 2014 Featured Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Jennifer Maria was born in Miami, FL as the first American on either side of her Colombian family.She’s lived in various locales and has traveled to many more.

She grew up painting and drawing before immersing herself into photography.
She intended to use her photographs as references for her paintings, but ended up falling in love with the process of creating and capturing with a camera.

Jennifer Maria produces mostly digital photography, however, she also delights in creating with black & white film. She happily engages much time, love & care into creating silver gelatin prints in her darkroom. She continues to paint– primarily on canvas, though she also enjoys utilizing the human body as canvas.

Her work often carries moody and sensual undertones. It’s exhibited in art shows & galleries as well as magazines worldwide. The “Luscious” series is an ongoing exploration of food, sensuality and the act of consumption through the use of color, detail and texture. Jennifer Maria draws inspiration from many sources: the ocean, her dreams, loved ones, travels, and more. She’s currently based in Miami Beach, FL, where she continues to explore and express artistically as well as contribute to various philanthropic efforts throughout South Florida and beyond.

Jennifer Maria

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