Meet: Kaaren Styles SSF 2014 Featured MC

Kaaren Styles – SSF 2014 Featured MC

Kaaren Styles is a Multi-Media Artist based out of Miami with roots in Pittsburgh and Detroit.  Coming from a diverse background of influences, Styles is a versatile writer, vocalist and freestyle rapper on a mission to share both ugly truth and messages of love.  Committed to being herself one hundred percent she hopes to be a positive influence for younger women.  Her most recent album release is the hiphop/rock collaboration album with Web Three “Loss, Love & The New Normal” which followed the release of her Steel EP.  DJ Nasty Nate often performs with her, creating a high energy show.  But her name “Styles” rings true when she decides to perform with a live band, getting sultry and saucy for intimate audiences.  Under the name Kaaren Alise, her first international release in 2003 was collaboration with Jamaican artist Jah Mason called “Who Dem A Ramp Wit”, a dancehall inspired roots track.  After working for ID Labs Studio and Slip N Slide Records she gained knowledge that would help her navigate her dreams on her own terms.  With a BA in Film & Video, you can see her online Fridays from 6-8pm EST for The Rich Flo Show and Sundays 12-2pm EST for Styles From The Underground on  .  In 2011 she was awarded for her success as an International Hair Stylist by Positive Teen Magazine and Bijoux Hair.  She then founded Make N Style as a resource for freelance artists in South Florida.  A modern renaissance woman.  An Artist of Style.

Kaaren Styles

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