By Stichiz SSF 2015 Featured Vocalist

“The Most High gave us music… So find your note in life.” That’s a saying that I truly believe rings to be true. Music, lyrics- words-writings, paintings, all of the above and more can be considered…. Art! Some of us would even say that life is art, and many times art is a depiction of life. The good the bad and the ugly! The ability to have people connect, communicate, and relate to one’s art- I think is a true gift from The Most High. A woman in the arts who has inspired not only me but a number of people, is an artist by the name of Lauryn Hill. She defied certain norms and had a message in her music.

Check it out #Ledisi

And this talented soul who has the ability to connect with sistas all day!!!!lol

This is my #ART!

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