Blog Submission Guidelines

Please Read the Guidelines Carefully
Blog entries in improper format may be rejected.

Any topic are welcomed as long as they are in support of women artists, women issues, empowerment for our community, helpful tips regarding health, family, marketing and the business of the arts.
Men are welcomed to contribute.
Any topic that is derogatory towards any groups especially women and children will be NOT accepted.

No more than 750 words for an original blog entry.
No more than 150 words for an introduction to a suggested story, article, video, or
outside blog.

All text must be submitted in .doc format
Include a descriptive subject/headline.
Do not put any punctuation in the subject line.
Do not use ALL-CAPS.
No unusual characters or formatting are allowed.
Do not use excessive punctuation, such as !!!! or ????.

All original blog entries must have a minimum of 2 JPG images.
Images should be under 1 MB in size and less than 1200 pixels per side.
Include any photo credit if needed

Any original video must be less than 3:30 and saved in mp4 or wav format
Delivery for original blog videos must be sent either DROPBOX invite or Hightail
to Please write Blog Submission on subject line
Outside video please include embed link and at least 100 words introducing the video.

All submissions are reviewed before publication.
Submissions are usually published within 24 hours, but may take a few days.

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