La Diosa Dominicana


La Diosa Dominicana
Stream of consciousness By Rock Wilk

Rock_AliciaBOOKAlicia Anabel Santos is the most REAL. She is a writer, at the deepest core of her soul, but she is also so much more. A documentarian, a novelist, a director, a facilitator, a public speaker and a strong social and political activist, Alicia is also the founder and leader of The NYC Latina Writer’s Group, and author of Finding Your Force, her memoir, I could go on and on, (she also happens to be the director of my new play, Brooklyn Quartet), and so obviously Alicia is walking the walk in her big ass shoes, because Alicia is as tall as she is large, meaning she is literally about 6 feet tall and her heart still barely fits inside her chest, it’s so filled with love. For me, the most magical part of Alicia is the work she does with other womyn, and yes, I spelled it with a “y”, that’s Alicia’s spelling, and her mission is all about encouraging and inspiring womyn to work and live and build with no limits, simply by guidin them to DO THE WORK, she shows them that they are as powerful as the spirit that they can find right inside of themselves, and with Alicia at the helm, so many womyn do this together, as a beautiful and powerful community. Alicia
is a provider of strength and direction, a leader in the truest sense of the word, she is THAT person who you just know is going to get it done, no matter what “it” is. Alicia provides writing workshops for womyn all over New York City and beyond. A frequent speaker at Universities all over the country, doing keynote addresses, inspiring young women everywhere, Alicia is someone who is really making a significant difference in our world, who is moving us forward to a better place, because as strong as she is, she is equally as nurturing, and so, what better qualities to have when we are talking about community and making a contribution? Alicia is all of that, and more. Oh, did I mention she has raised the most amazing daughter, Courtney, who is about to graduate Syracuse University and change the world herself? Alicia Anabel Santos, aka Diosa Dominicana, thank God we have her, I’m not sure what this world would be like without


Alicia Anabel Santos is one of the creators of Afro Latino TV






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