By: Ben Hinson

ETEKA: RISE OF THE IMAMBA is a literary thriller written by author Ben Hinson. It is based on mercenary activity during the Cold War era and the 1990s, and spans 13 locations across the world. The novel features an interesting array of women hailing from various nations across Africa.

SSF – Why was it important for you to include strong women roles in your novel?

Ben – “Having women, in particular African women playing key roles in my novel’s plot was very important to me, as not too many women across African countries are portrayed as thought leaders nor having the capacity to carry a story on their own when it comes to mainstream media. In my novel not only will you get to know different African woman from various countries in Africa, not only will you get to experience their beautiful cultures, but you will also see them deal with a range of emotions and situations that make them human. I made not one but a few female characters in my novel with leading roles, each one with a style, story and personality unique to only them.

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